Yachting Malta Awards Nominees – Roland Darmanin Kissaun

Roland Darmanin KissaunRoland Darmanin Kissaun

Yachting Industry Pioneer (1970’s)

Early in the 60’s Roland Darmanin Kissaun recognised the opportunity to build an industry when a few yachts started to visit Malta and base themselves here. It is safe to say that Roland was one of the very first Maltese to get involved in the local Yachting industry and over the years, either through his personal efforts or through his leadership of the Yacht Traders Association, Roland worked hard in the interest of the industry to see Malta become one of the most successful Yachting hubs in the Mediterranean as we know it today.

In 1989, together with other local Yacht Agents, he lobbied with the Maltese Government and the London International Boat-Show Organisers and successfully secured the main sponsorship of the London International Boat Show, where the centre feature was Malta. At the same time he successfully organised three successive local, internationally recognized Boat-Shows in Vittoriosa.   Roland was also a mainstay behind the organisation of notorious sailing events like the Malta-Pozzallo Windsurf Race (1983-1994) and the Malta-Tunisia Yacht Race held in the 90’s.  He was always ready to support and assist any sailing oriented activity organised by any individual or group.

Roland was the pioneer promoter of  Malta Flag Registration for yachts and together with Ing Paul Cardona contributed towards the development of  Commercial Yacht Registration. Roland was also a main promoter of  Yacht Corporate services including the pre accession VAT treatment, onward supply relief procedures and the current yacht leasing structure where he was also involved in their development.
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