Yachting Malta shows support towards the Wave of Change Movement

Preservation of our seas and marine life is imperative.  

Yachting Malta has announced its support towards the Wave of Change environmental initiative which will culminate this weekend, Saturday 29th June,  when five swimmers will be undertaking the gruelling challenge of swimming 35km around the Island of Gozo in under 11 hours.

‘Wave of Change’ is part of the growing fight against single-use plastic that has gathered massive momentum over the past few years and consists of a campaign empowering everyone to reduce plastic waste and reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in our beautiful seas.

Yachting Malta’s affiliation to everything maritime related means that it is fully supportive of this mission and the importance of raising awareness about the  environmental issues that Malta is currently facing. Plastic waste invariably ends up polluting our beautiful seas.

The Wave of Change Challenge started when a group of young swimming buddies, Neil Agius, Richard Zerafa and Gilbert Bartolo came up with the idea for everyone to pick up three pieces of trash, sharing it on social media  and adding the  hashtag #waveofchange. This was their way of empowering people to take action through simple efforts.

“The Wave of Change initiative inspires people to take action, reduce the amount of plastic consumption and just be more attentive to each other and the environment around us” Neil Agius, founding member of Wave of Change.

“Yachting Malta’s overall aim is to promote Malta’s leading name, tradition and potential as a yachting destination in the Mediterranean, therefore it is imperative that initiatives like the Wave of Change have our support.  Our beautiful seas and their marine life must be protected and people made aware of the impact plastic waste has on them” explained John Huber, Chairman Yachting Malta Ltd.  “What these athletes are doing is commendable and they have Yachting Malta’s support. Yachting Malta invites all its stake holders to undertake the challenge.  A little input from everyone can go a long way!.  

Yachting Malta and Wave of Change invite the general public to sign the Wave of Change pledge. By signing the pledge, you pledge to pick up three pieces of plastic, and to nominate 3 other people or organisations to get involved and protect the places we love. No matter where you are in Malta or around the world, whether you are at the beach or on the street, you can participate.

Wave of Change is supported by Yachting Malta and the QLZH Foundation.

Photos Courtesy – Kurt Arrigo Photography