2022 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image Charity Sale

Yachting Malta will be hosting a charity sale consisting of the twenty Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image finalists.

The ‘Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image’ is a yearly photographic contest and exhibition. It seeks to recognise the very best yacht racing image taken during the year, and that which best represents the essence and excitement of yacht racing as a sport.  The contest is open to professional yacht racing photographers from all over the world. 

The Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image competition final was hosted in November in Malta during the Yacht Racing Forum. The winner of the competition was Nico Martinez, who has been to Malta previously shooting events such as the RC44 Valletta Cup in 2015.

Photographers that made it to the final include Christian Beeck, Patrick Blom, Christian Bonin, Pierre Bouras,Peter Brøgger, Joao Costa Ferreira, Robert Deaves, Felix Diemer, Robert Hajduk, Rod  Harris, Suellen Hurling, Valery Isaenko,  Mélanie Joubert, Anton Makhanov, Nico Martinez, Martina Orsini, Kristina Ryaguzova, Eike Schurr and Szymon Sikora.

The images will now be put for sale, the proceeds of which will be completely given to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

Anyone interested in purchasing one of these images, are invited to visit the Yachting Malta offices in Sa Maison on Friday, 23rd December from 1000hrs to Noon.