Yachting Malta Chairman’s thoughts following the Viva Malta Launch

Yachting Malta Chairman Jonathan Borg’s thoughts following the unveiling of the Viva Malta Livery at the Mediterranean Maritime Hub on the 21st December 2022

I was very honoured to be with many talented sailors and yachting enthusiasts. Thank you, Yachting Malta Management team, and those who spent tireless hours organizing this lovely launching ceremony for Malta’s national vessel– Viva Malta, And all of YOU for being here to be part of this historical event.

Malta’s success in offshore sailing and its maritime legacy is well documented. 

This heritage, born from necessity as our ancestors plied their trade in the Mediterranean, has resulted in the Maltese flag being proudly flown at many international events. 

In modern times, our crews have competed and challenged other international crews in the most strenuous conditions in familiar and less charted territories. 

Malta’s sailing community is filled with generations of sailors, the Maltese names of which are now household names and a byword for sailing. 

Today we are very proud to have Maltese sailors forever associated with the icon of the 606 nautical mile Rolex Middle Sea Race, of which Maltese boats have won nine editions. Other Maltese sailors have been present and left their mark on the international offshore circuit, producing outstanding results and etching their names in the annals of such races. 

The Viva Malta National Offshore Sailing Team, a first for Malta, was a natural progression brought about by local sailors’ expertise and passion for offshore sailing.

This has been made possible through a project investment of approximately €400,000, through an initiative submitted by Yachting Malta with the full support of the Government of Malta. 

Today as we launch the Cookson 50 with its official livery, we look forward to seeing its colours amongst the offshore racing fleets around the Mediterranean in the forthcoming months. 

As it reaches another chapter, Yachting Malta will pass on the Viva Malta baton to Sport Malta, who, in conjunction with the Malta Sailing Federation, will be laying their expertise into managing this exciting project. 

Whilst Yachting Malta’s efforts have heavily revolved around making Malta the yachting destination of choice by international entities and individuals; it firmly believes that Maltese sailors can be the best ambassadors to strengthen Malta’s reputation on the offshore sailing circuit. 

Fair Winds; and Viva Malta.